Smile because you mean to; smile because it happened.

Those memories that fade with time fall powerless

to that small, upturned curve of the mouth, lips parted evenly,

revealing stark white teeth glittering in the light of the sun.

Smile because you want to; smile because of fate.

We all have it, whether it’s hidden in your back pocket

or running wild out in the open, daring you to come and find it,

chase it down, and fight it if need be, because smiling

can only mean so much if you’re not smiling back at me.

November 29, 2011


Although I knew what I wanted the purpose of this blog to be, reflecting on and learning from my college years, I did not know how I would go about it.

I’d like to think I come from an artistic family: my aunt went to art school, my sister is now an artist, and my brother sings.  As for me, I’ve always loved to write; it was only natural that during difficult times in my life, I turned to a journal as an escape and a way – or an attempt – to explain.

College was no exception– I have kept a journal of scribbled poems since my sophomore year.  Playing two seasons of Division 1 soccer, encountering unexpected health problems, and facing my resulting thoughts and fears have all been documented in my writing.

I figured it’s only appropriate to use edited versions of these pieces for my blog here: a collection of poems based on my life, written during the last three years.  Let me know what you think! Image