I’ll hold me there, sir, until you come around–

I have gotten pretty good at it, you know.

One shall never be alone, so one shall be one

until two follows.  For to be two means to need

three: a knowing one, a loyal two, and a unity

of two; one, two.

Numbers are numbers as they shall remain,

yet our hearts open up as one anyway –

why grieve over nothing lost but a lack of gain?

One will remain and one you are, one soul in time

that chooses to press and fold human smiles

of sympathy, doubt, and certainty in one’s oneness.

November 25, 2013


It happened.

A naive window reflected its cracks and went fall

Forward into blank sunlight.

Yellow stained hair fell into pools upon backs

Until the day seemed one with our breathing.

For you think you know what you do not–

This world is prepared for much harboring of love.

It is difficult because it is more than a single rhyme,

A single kiss. It consists of effort in consistency

Under skin where touch glows:

Our unity with a time untold.

November 16, 2013


You took at peek when I was two, I shaped the peek

when I turned three; and when the young girl wanted more,

she rode out waves and swam to four, until she found

that diner drive where she watched loud movies now at five;

and as parents ride away and kiss, she was wishing she was six,

just sitting back gliding to heaven– that land of kind and innocent

seven, until we jumped ahead a few, wishing for a life anew.

You realize one must not be so meek– because, my child,

I have yet to see you peak.

July 18, 2012