Alone with Me

Is this all we can do– just let ourselves go,

over the edge and fall wishing that we had someone

to catch us wishing that we had the luck we thought,

think, we need?

We are born like demons wishing to hold

onto another for our own sakes– but one should live

for the other one should live for the self, not for ever

but for enough.

“I” is not alone– it is here, in this line nine,

skimming into “I love you” mornings that bring joy

to hardened hearts selves bursting with freedom

until “I”‘s rise and fall,

Again, to the “we” we think we need–

we do need. But not always, not now.

“I” is never nowhere, it can dull but never fades;

I am one with all.

December 6, 2013


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