Borrowing a Star

I look back at the past

and laugh at those responsible for this

havoc in the making: stars brought to Earth

in one, ITER human-cemented boom

prepared to arrive in 2010, 2012, 2015…

Who gazed up at the sky– after twenty years

their time– and dared ask, “Why not more?”

Until our stomachs grumbled for but the smallest

loaf of bread, to remind us of our humility

for a change.  And yet we always return

to open pockets, bills running ramped

to cash registers, to political houses, to an infant’s

untainted lips, to a mother’s breast weeping–

when will someone, in twenty years time,

wonder “Why us?  Why not change, now?”

February 24, 2014

Summer’s Plenty

Where does time go

when your clock won’t stop

ticking for a lick


of summer’s plenty,

for sharp, salt-crested waves

that sparkle like dew on mother’s car


on Wednesday morning

in Jersey heat, the sun’s rays

rushing slowly– for they know nothing


new is coming– in patches

likes those she sewed on teddy bears,

kissing you good morning


and whispering in your ear, “almost

time for sun and surf” and your insides

rejoice in song.  But the tick-


tock continues, oh so steadily

on the bedroom wall, laughing

at your heartbeat, pleading “now.” 

February 18, 2014 

Cork Board


can fly like butterflies

pinned down

to my cork board wall,

remain hung up

on sadness until faces

frown for weeks, months;

only time can tell

you what to feel, remind minds

that freedom is always

bursting forth with the sun,

bringing energy to ignite

butterflies once more,

despite carcass wings.

Who wants to remain wall art,

suffocated beasts in a world

of honey-suckers,

people smiling like flowers–

all awaiting the cork board.

February 12, 2014


It fell down on me,
that Thursday after practice,
that I had been living halfway:
half painted portraits lining my cathedral mind,
high ceiling empty;
smiles hugging me too tightly, too close
to be real outside the locker room door;
coaches pestering like flies
that only travel towards the light–
and I remained in darkness.

I enjoy honesty.
It hastens all to be full life-
livers, not to eat ourselves half-
way, not to starve off souls
of the one freedom God hand molded
for you: your being, mind and body
to be filled to the brim
with bright candles and moon-
colored lipstick and some soccer, too.

February 9, 2014