the feeling

when you’re about

to leave

a place

you have known

for a long time?

It’s dawning

on me

that this is where

memories form,


to even let us

let go

before they take

that place


May 13, 2014


Fear resides in temptation.

In repeated feelings dug into veins

That you did not recognize

At the first wide turn,

So you turned your head sideways

To the life you thought you knew:


Families tip-toeing around houses

In respect for the other, for the cold-

Stricken child, for the father

At dawn, eyes departed,

Legs at rest until routine kicks

Him in once more.


We know nothing as it used to be

Until it returns. Yet all is now—

Like feathers in my down pillow

Weaning me in, slowly.

In A Rut

for a friend

So I’m bad at this–

just want

to let you know up front.


The whole “vulnerability”

thing leaves me

stuck in a rut,


Unwilling to go outside

just to reveal another secret layer,

peel myself like a fresh orange,


Ready for my friends’ juicing.

I want plump!

I want raw!


But I want “exposed” and “hidden”

in two separate boxes,

thank you very much.


Speaking (“words” we call

them?) is too hard

when my tongue feels like sandpaper,


Caught along

the same rut

I forgot about yesterday.

May 1, 2014

A Tree

I am a tree–

so how can it be

that all I see is water,

the sun bouncing its heat

off currents like a daydream,

wrapping its rays around my mind

to bring it ease, to embrace, calm me?


I am a tree–

and yet I am fond of the ocean

with its no-limitations,

its effortless breaking with the tide,

its wiping away of sand, souls clean.


See, I am a tree–

rooted instead to a path

where a trunk holds true,

my branches gazing out at every wish,

every possibility and granting them a kiss

in the passing wind, my gentle wave.

April 4, 2014