Radio Love

You’re giving me

such sweet nothings

’cause I’m happy.


I met you in the summer

and you told me, “Ain’t it fun

living in the real world?”


We count on no one,

I guess– until I counted on you.


I came in like a wrecking ball

and was so fancy–

you already knew.


I wanted you to love

all my curves and all my edges,

all my perfect imperfections,


And JT told me it’s not a bad thing

to fall in love with you–

but now it’s gonna be me. 

June 26, 2014

A New Day

The sun awaits me,

patiently with tender lips

until my head rises.


Shades up, hair down

and embrace the light

on each wall and window,

my own specks of gold.



spell out my name and I’ll be there.


Call out my name in the wind.


Make love to the rain

that comes quietly, now,

and remember the time

that we’ve shared.


The moon holds secrets unknowingly.


It spies on each page of my words.


Until the sun dawns slowly

and whispers in its ear,

“She is mine, now, so be gone.”

November 14, 2013


“Marry yourself,” she said as I sank into the water.

You know, a warm bath at 2am

sure does beat being alone in that big bed–

but, then again, I’m used to it.


People say I’ve lived simply;

Others say I’m simply free.


What if simplicity is the source of freedom?

What if taking vows with hand and foot,

belly and white-rose hips makes me

into the most expressive me?


What else is there to do while I sit back

on my pillow, awaiting a call from a boy

that will not complete me?


For I am whole, never alone, but with me.


And if all people could aspire to look

in the mirror, out the door, into other’s eyes

with the same confident velocity

this young woman has brought me today–

well, I know this world could be better.


It would be knowingly complete.


based on Tracy McMillan’s TED video

June 12, 2014

Once You’re Gone

for someone I love


Life is a wonderful

trap you fail to acknowledge

until you break it off.


Never again will you see

such troubled waves,

days haunted by midnight’s

killer stare.


You will not dare to question

why the world extends

its wings, like a naive eagle

circling America

while the universe laughs,

chokes, laughs again.


Imagine the painstaking,

worth-its-while peace

that would shoot up,

out of the sky

if we simply loved–

if you just kept on walking.

March 17, 2014

While Watching Nature

Yesterday I wrote love poems

to a mirage;

the day before I stared at lily ponds.

Yet today I am simply indebted

to the man who called

a clear conscience their softest pillow.


These trees that have grown,

are growing, I say–

they provide the same service.


As long as your trunk is straight,

and your roots don’t tire,

you can move upwards,

above the negatives, above perfection

and the need for it.


You will find peace.


You will find a harmony of love

and rhyme that convinces you

our God must exist, even now.

June 5, 2014

Romeo to Juliet

Words fly in

through her window

trace the cracked glass

and do not carry it


They save each shard

for simple song

until my words

grow weary

and out of place

in this all-

encompassing, playground

of a world.

They will climb only to slide


when I least expect it,

when I tilt my head up

to my dear love

and shout, “Why don’t

you come down, too?

May 31, 2014