“Marry yourself,” she said as I sank into the water.

You know, a warm bath at 2am

sure does beat being alone in that big bed–

but, then again, I’m used to it.


People say I’ve lived simply;

Others say I’m simply free.


What if simplicity is the source of freedom?

What if taking vows with hand and foot,

belly and white-rose hips makes me

into the most expressive me?


What else is there to do while I sit back

on my pillow, awaiting a call from a boy

that will not complete me?


For I am whole, never alone, but with me.


And if all people could aspire to look

in the mirror, out the door, into other’s eyes

with the same confident velocity

this young woman has brought me today–

well, I know this world could be better.


It would be knowingly complete.


based on Tracy McMillan’s TED video

June 12, 2014


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