Circles of My Mind

Pages fill

with words and time,

packed evenly

onto one, blank canvas.


To be

or not to be–

it’s always the question

at hand and at heart.


With a sky full of lies

who knows what shape

that cloud should fill?


All I know is that

I keep chasing and chasing,

round in circles of my mind

trying to find that sun.


So in the clouds of my eye

I open wide,

let words spill

until I’m desert dry.


Now pleading to those

same clouds for rain,

rain to wash this mess away–

and invite my thoughts to follow.


March 18, 2012



17 thoughts on “Circles of My Mind

  1. I tend to agree with Diana, who sent me here by they way, what she says you do… lol… I loved this poem, shows true brilliance… and I’m not just saying that, I follow a lot of blogs on poetry, and do tend to comment truthfully… I love poetry and wish I could write it myself…

  2. I must be in the same head space as you were when this piece was inspired. I am finishing a piece kinda sorta like this. Inspired I lots of driving;)

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