Thought Flow

I think I want

to be a Buddhist.

My doctor called,

said it would be good

for my health;

My shrink thinks

I’ve got nothing to lose.

My friends are all

looking like hippies now

anyway, so no harm done;

My yoga mat calls me

more than my crush

across the street.

It’s true–

what have I got to lose?

In fact, it’s quite simple:


What makes me tick;

What puts me to sleep.

What I bake with;

How I hold a date.

My morning coffee

turned to tea,

and clearly somethings wrong

with me to want to give up

(or, perhaps, give in)

to not knowing

what flowers I want to hold

on my wedding day,

or what sandwich I want

to eat for breakfast.

But I’m telling you–

whatever thought

comes through first today,

I want my Buddha standing there,


July 9, 2014


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