Everyone always said,

“You can be

whatever you want

to be,”

but not one ever said

I could be my own

worst enemy–

 no one ever said

I  could be

a knight in shining armor, too.

A savior, a hero,

one may say

“It’s crazy to sit around

and just wait for a man,”

but the truth is

I am not waiting–

I am strategically planning,

with every step forward

I awaken, fighting

for what I believe in

and by caring form myself

my self will be closer

to one on the same path,

a true knight

whose values overlap with mine

into a perfect canopy

atop a world

we both can share as knights–

fighting this battle of life,


December 26, 2014


Pull back

the ignition

to light the flame

some things you



others you not only can,

you must

be conscience

of your thoughts

for a wise man once told me

“Stay clear of the deer

and hunt the tree instead,

not with an ax but with a log,

sitting under its cool shade,”

I would rather be

a tree

with a whispering wind

reminding me

I cannot change time–

but I can change me.


December 16, 2014


A word that unravels

so much with time,

a world that simply

defines itself through

the one holding

the feather-tipped pen,

the charcoal ink

dip it in and let it






down every muscle

and thread that keeps

your mind intertwined,

because that’s half your sky:

body and a little pink brain,

perched like a songbird

ready to leap

into the bright morning air

until embracing a new dawn.

October, 12, 2012

My Angel

a throwback, for a friend


I never knew

I had an angel following me,

day by day

every step she’d mimic–

I turn around,

she disappears.


“Who are you?”

I’d scream, silently agitated

with every passing minute


Until she found me,

lonely on the stair.

“Why so sad,” she asked

and suddenly, I knew she cared.


She’d been on my path

from the beginning,

patiently protecting and guiding,

unknowingly saving me

from my own shadow.


November 10, 2011


If something

has touched your soul

then let it–


is melody

when it’s all at the drop

of a hat

my time is precious,

I will not waste it

on your wrath

give me pennies instead

to end

this little game

and move on

to a brave solider

on the library steps

and three deep breaths

to keep going,



December 14, 2014


When acceptance

becomes the word I must cling to

like a newborn to a mother

why couldn’t mine

have taught me sooner?


Waters flow

like nothing has changed

yet Sun and Moon promise

a new dawn will emerge

if I let it–

they let me feel

because they have never felt



It is luck, I suppose,

for the hearts I wear like armor

to be more protective

than my own

pale Hispanic skin,

the body fighting


it’s been years

and only now

did I bump into the word


it is to feel


the four corners of a table,

each chair,

each pile of rays and souls

floating from an inner window

can see for themselves.


My mother has, too.


I suppose I can accept that.


November 26, 2014

walking with a friend in the rain

let’s talk

about the word


in terms of


on common


because un-comfort

can only lead

to growth

if looked at

with the right



have shown me

a world

I could not see before


closing my eyes

and we’ve all

looked into puddles

with an undissolved smile

not at “yourself”

but at the best friend

looking back

on the word “friend”–

and how it would never be the same


December 7, 2014