We are women-

as if from the beginning

of time we’ve depended

on “men” to fill our “wo”

because woe

could never be enough

for a pathway to existence

to withstand


They called me baby

as I walked

the 6th street sidewalk-

do they understand

I have more language

than that of my body


I am a woman,

but I do not need

a man to prove it-

he is an extra sweetness

in this time

and when the time is right

he’ll come,

I’ll come,

knowing I’d be happy

with or without him

and my Cosmopolitan,

vodka tonic, high-class magazine:

“Look sexy for your man,”

why can’t I just look


for myself


without Disney telling me

I’m a princess in need of a prince,

why am I only allowed

to feel beautiful

when I have a man on my shoulder


without my grandmothers’

extra glow

when it comes to marriage


propose to me this:

a man will love me

when the time is right,

and yet it is always time

to love the woman-

the complete woman-

in me.


February 27, 2015

Aren’t We All

How about

spending some time


and not professing

your beliefs as truths

throughout the world,

on stage, across

your screen and bedroom


you are building a tower

of self loathing

under that doubt of yours–

of mine when my ear

must hear one more thing

about religion

being tainted and babies

being busted for living

aren’t we all human

in this struggle to unlock

the love

at times hidden in the man

within the woman?


August 11, 2014

Your Place

Don’t ever be so busy

trying to find your own


that you forget about your piece

in others:

the piece you play

the peace you hold

the tears you catch and dry

the hands you hold and pry

open to expose their secret

holdings– but only

when they’re ready

it’s what makes it so difficult

to stay in

and out of oneself

at the same time, in balance

so you can remember

how holistic thinking

is not a 21st century conundrum

but a sip of the past, future

and present

connection of man.


May 28, 2014


Cut open a pomegranate.


You see the red, fleshy,

skin-tight surface?

It’s like a community,

appearance to the masses–

even to the outsider within.


Now, cut inside

the dark, pink center–

see the juice run out?

It is the outcome of communication,

tied over from months of ripening,

passing time ripped open

with the slice of a knife


And then, of course,

there are the seeds.

They made this fruit, didn’t they?


Like each individual member

of a group domain fighting

for the leading role, a new

plant to form

yet once the first is turned over,

honey, there is no differentiating

between those seeds– in, out.


There is only room for flesh and blood.


June 4, 2014

i’ve been thinking

i’ve been thinking about what it means

to feel safe, loved

i’ve been thinking about how often I think

that I’m the one in control of the answers

no one can acquire this–

full safety,

full love,

full control–

unless they start backwards

relinquish control, let go of the ammunition

let love fill you to the brim

don’t regret a drop

and that’s when you’ll remember–

you’e been safe all along,

as a child of the universe.

February 12, 2015

Inspirational Blogger Award


Thank you so incredibly much to Simply Haynes for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  As a writer, I can only hope to inspire others as I create and share my work.  Thank you all for supporting me along the way!  There would be no WordPress without supportive bloggers such as your kind selves.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them.

Facts about me

  1. I am currently doing a year of service through an AmeriCorps organization called City Year.
  2. I’ve ate peanut butter and jelly for lunch during more days of my life than not.
  3. Three is my favorite number, and alter ego.
  4. I hail from New York and am proud to call it home.
  5. I am currently reading The Circle, by David Eggers.  It is impeccable.
  6. I wrote a thesis paper on the notion of wilderness in college, but have only been to one national park.
  7. Before learning I would be spending this year in California, I dreamt of spending it in Alaska.

Here are some blogs, in no particular order, that I have found inspiration from in my over-a-year of blogging.  Thank you for the inspirational work you share!

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Can I fly by you

like a fly on the wall

stopping only to glimpse

at your happenstance

wait across

the street

for a girl

that wasn’t me.

Can you pick me up

next weekend

at eight

me, in my blue dress

black heels

and dance with you

until you see

I can’t tell if it’s just you

or the way my hair swims

back and forth

blocking both the UV

and the light

falling from our eyes,

each blink

I’m blinded

until I reach for my glasses–

and you’re


August 17, 2014