have been

without myself

for so long, now.


a second

coming of the impossible

I run my eyes

away from my heart

enough to see

the mean girls

coming from across

the dorm-room hall

I locked myself in–

or rather out–

of the very place

my peace was founded:

inside of me


a heart of principle,

a simple love

past down by indefinite


Find yours,

remember them

if you are so lucky

to have one

whether it is in a person,

an ocean,

a tear drop,

a lost earring back now found

my body is my temple,

my heart God’s offering

towards a simple life

of “now.”

March 6, 2015


4 thoughts on “Simple

  1. Beautiful post, RJ. It’s so painful to be without ourselves. We cut ourselves off without realizing how, and then it’s sometimes a long journey home… 🙂

    Much Love

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