Let Us Be the Light


that one religion

is not one religion

it is one love

We are all


and we all need

that one thing

fly away to the one truth

that was ever needed.



like the sister I am to you;

why can I only use the term


Our Love


we must learn

and accept

and embody the truth

that God the term

is but an empty promise

but God the Truth

exists in every form,

every purpose,

every light.

Let us be the light.

Let us be with


with Her,

with all of us,

in the truth of “now.”

May 28, 2015


I will accept surrender in all of its forms.

I will surrender to the beauty of the natural.

I will question and battle any unnatural, painful force

remember that society is nothing but an illusion

but all the more real for it

is the pain you feel when you realize

you are just a step in the ladder

Do not let them step on you.

I will accept surrender in all of its forms.

My body is my temple

and so is my mind–

do not let it battle itself because of society’s lies

I will surrender to the beauty of the natural.

I am, You are, We are natural

creatures in God’s universe

we were made by the one thing that could inspire

a Fall, a Big Bang, a Whisper into a Soul


is the most natural thing about us;

we may not be perfect

but our Love is

we must embrace it with two hands, one heart,

one head

that feels like it’s been a battleground for so long.

Remember your childhood:

The trees that protected your fuzzy head

The breeze that tickled the space between your toes

The breath that flowed in and out without a care

The laughs from inside sprinkled out into the wilderness

from an open door.

All we have is each other;

All we have is love.

I will accept surrender in all of its forms.


I will surrender to the beauty of the natural.


May 30, 2015


I’m not looking for The One.

I suppose I’m just looking for the one I won’t get tired of.


The number of betrays I have felt–

they are buried down deep

and it was not until I was ready enough to hold the shovel

that I could dig them out and start to peek

at the friends that I fell for,

the hearts that broke

a piece of mine away

and it’s like I’m still looking for the pieces.


I never intend for much of anything

to happen

because once I feel like something is “home”

like someone is “home”

I want nothing more but to stay in one place

in time

and swim as the minutes swoon,

tears fall, smiles appear


I don’t want them to go away;

this explains why my biggest fear is change


Not just any change,

like the nickels in my pocket,

the grass stain on my shirt,

my aging years, the new day coming


We learn lessons not from god,

but from his gifts

this world is nothing but experience

and yet all we want is not thankfulness,

but choice

between “who” and “what” and “when”

and the childhood friends that soiled your memories

or maybe just burned up the sides

of the one polaroid you have left.


All I want is to go home.


All I need is to realize, to accept,

that home is not the same place it was when I left it.


May, 25, 2015

I Like…

I like people

who are full-time open books,

they don’t pick and choose

what pages to fill

I like forgiveness,

for even a friend will have a flaw

I like my freedom,

for it is never too little too late

I like late nights,

but only when they lead

to fulfilled mornings


I wear my patience thin,

it seems,

chasing improvement and growth

more than truly liking the “now”


I like when “now” has a feeling:


I like rolling-over-laughing-fits

that tickle the sides of the throat;

I like birthday parties,

singing to a girl who has not yet

handed over her naivety to society;

I like knowing where I’m at,

but not what stop I’ll be taking

in the future;

I like butterflies and fairy dust–

as long as they’re meant

to provide a long-lost “answer”

to life’s riddles, its rhymes,

its warn-out-masterpieces


I like when I look at boys

I like and they look at me back

and like it


I like being updated

on the trails of those important to me,

I like being heard

and not ignored

I like knowing that I’ll wake up in the morning

and put on a yellow jacket,

see skin color not as a target

but as a human,


armed with a pencil, a pen,

to take me back again,

to a place where time was slow,

“now” stayed “now,”

and we all strived to make a difference

in the lives of others.


May 8, 2015


A summary of “likes” in a City Year life … check out more about the fantastic organization I have served with now for 9 months @ http://www.cityyear.org/ ….   HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY