Truth in You

We are the evolving

Our mind,
our sole flaw–

we must pour consciousness over it
like rain on arid land

we are meant to grow flowers,
not darkness.

Follow me into the light,
my shadowed friends,
and you will see that the truth,
the hope,
the love,

it has been you, all along.


July 26, 2015


too beautiful

Richard M. Ankers - Author

Waft of rose
On mistral breeze
Sculpted eyebrows
Lift to tease

Hint of glitter
Twist of lace
Suffused sunlight
On her face

Made for warmth
Appears in June
By the autumn
Fit to bloom

Call her Summer
So very shy
I fear for her
As frosts creep nigh

Best away, love
Fragile form
Until next year
I’ll pine forlorn

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Frozen Lake

It has

taken me a while

to sit in a dark corner,

rest in my chair

and think about the scene

on the lake:

children following

chilled ear-muffed parents,

falling into black puddles

my eyes sore

from their grimaces

and yet, all too soon,

they come back up again.


I was never too trusting

of my skates;

faces tell me their parents

are not either.


I suppose

falling and rising

are the stepping stones of a generation,

frostbite, bumps and bruises

making our own easier to handle,

each crack in the ice

new wisdom,

a sudden truth

that all we need to know

is not the mirage,

sprawled green grass glowing in the distance.


It is the frozen

here and now.


July 23, 2015

Why be a Feminist?


been on

my mind, lately.



watch Zen

Buddhism videos every



and yet

today is the



I have

watched a woman.



songs on

the radio really



just “okay,”

when one yells


I shrink

inwards, when “Choice,”


and dare

I mention “Love”



excluded from

our social vocabulary



want more

90’s anthems and



love songs

I want more



I want

all Feminism, all



no rape-

culture, no need



school reform

I want Equality

for my mother, my sister, for me.

July 12, 2015

“The songs on the radio are okay,”


A simple life

a solo life

is not a life off-course,


We must teach

our sails to turn

to a new wind


I want to learn

what it is like

to be accepted by my own skin,


I want to feel

what it is like

to pull the oars and steer


What it is like

to let hatred eat up

your skull


Only evil would know,

not I, not you, my sister,

we’re Love


Love the simple,

Love the brave,

Love the everything will stay the same


Now change

because even that facade will fade away,

the impermanence of all holds meaning


More than my hands around a cross,

Now I’ll get lost

in the mind that identifies too much with itself 


We are body,

We are mind,

We are soul,



in one place,



July 12, 2015

To clarify, I am and grew up Catholic, and I DO believe that the cross is meaningful.  I believe that Christian spirituality holds many basic truths as do belief systems such as Buddhism.  They overlap more than we may realize at the surface.  What I take away from both systems is that we are all connected to a Divine source (whatever It may be), that we are all connected, and that we must live in the “now” to access It.


How hard it is

to live with Ego.


Now that I’ve not only see his face

I’ve heard his voice

I’ve listened to his song–

he doesn’t need to sing any longer.


And yet

how do I tell the stomach below me

to stop clenching like a fist

as my sister is hit on at the bar,

three times I stand on, passerby

and boy number two reassuringly states,

“You’re okay, but she’s…”

Knowing your standards

and having them met by those around you

are two entirely different things.


I brush my teeth,

one tooth at a time

like a child

I take my time

to remember that time is not real

only “now” is “real”

how “real” is “I”?


I’ve learned I have to stop taking myself

so seriously

when the term “myself,”

has already been exhausted by society;

no need for me to spin it round.


It plays games with Ego

spinning round like a top

at least I now know to slow down.


I need to slow down.


We need,

fellow love-torn-patience-worn-thin-



to slow down.


July 11, 2015


To live

a life of purpose:

it is what I desire

at the core

to observe, to learn

to listen, to love

to be around those I love

whenever I can

there will be names to learn

at every turn

don’t turn your soul away

from the very Being it is–

I wish to look at it

in all souls,

to write words that express

what it’s like for children

who eat bags of chips for breakfast and lunch

go to court before dinner

and complete non-existent homework

their teacher assigned today in class

I want my words to depict a face

to feel a face

to make you not wish you were there

but know that at some level,

you were.

I still believe that life is art

waiting for us to wake up

and capture it.

July 2, 2015