Why be a Feminist?


been on

my mind, lately.



watch Zen

Buddhism videos every



and yet

today is the



I have

watched a woman.



songs on

the radio really



just “okay,”

when one yells


I shrink

inwards, when “Choice,”


and dare

I mention “Love”



excluded from

our social vocabulary



want more

90’s anthems and



love songs

I want more



I want

all Feminism, all



no rape-

culture, no need



school reform

I want Equality

for my mother, my sister, for me.

July 12, 2015

“The songs on the radio are okay,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nky4me4NP70

2 thoughts on “Why be a Feminist?

  1. This so powerful. Much of today’s culture is so disrespectful of women. You’re right love songs of the past are much better. We need more compassion! Sometimes men have a hard time understanding feminism, but when you put it in terms like this – it is very clear, and powerful.

    • Thank you so much for your comments- they mean a lot! It is very interesting (and frustrating) to pay closer attention to many of today’s lyrics and realize how blatantly degrading they are. And yet they can be so catchy! Feminism is important for everyone and I appreciate you stating that here 🙂

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