flow out our mouths
fill up our memories
fill ourselves

And yet our
are not what stories
should inhabit.

Our identity
is not what has happened to us,
what is happening,
what will happen–

it is,
what is.

Your identity
is not your life story;
it is your life.

The fact
that you are alive
in this simple world
of overindulged stories
deluding our minds
with fictional realities

when the treasure,
all along,
has been sunken
in your own


August 1, 2015


4 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Yes, sunken in our own skin… This line, perhaps as an unintended consequence, reminds me of the idea of incarnation– the idea that the identity which is not particular to any one story, takes up residence in this land of stories for a time… as holiness draping itself briefly in a robe…


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