A New World

If the number of loves

our hearts have held

circled around this Earth,

we could build the new world

we’ve been searching for.

October 11, 2015


9 thoughts on “A New World

  1. What a beautiful perspective – I’m spreading the word – you’re right if we can circle the earth with love, this world would be a better place. Peace, Harlon

  2. Very true, RJ. We’d realize why the world is here at all… and we’d get lost in what we experienced, like it was the very first time… There’s something we’re trying to say that takes a new world to say it… πŸ™‚


    • Mmm yes, a new world would help us express all of this more clearly. I guess all we can do is try and realize this truth more deeply each day, in each moment. Thank you for your comment, Michael ✌🏼

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