The First Day

The day I sat

and looked in the mirror

I stared:

I was looking at me.


But it was not me

that I saw.


My pupils rounded,

black trench coats

preparing for summer rain

my skin relaxed

after the ebb and flow of the day

I dared not move

for there I swear I saw

the light of a soul.


Inside my body,

beyond my mind

there lays a spirit so vast

that it does not know me by name

it stands tall and strong,

not with pride,

but not without it, either.


When you are Light,

I suppose you need no one

to tell you just how brightly you shine


I felt confused;

I felt at peace–

as if I had known this feeling all along


It was the first day of my spiritual practice.


It seems so clear now

but with fall leaves promising signs of winter

at 18 years

all I wanted was a pair of mittens and a safe

place to stay, away from the cold.


Listening to Spirit

is not always easy–

but it’s always needed


to quench a thirst deeper

than Jesus felt in the desert,

Buddha under the tree




we have every star, every Being

right here beside

me stood a mirror,

and in the mirror, a face

searching its own lines and faded chords

for lyrics one sang long ago…

there were mountains in my eyes,

an echo on each peak.


A sudden wave of peace

rushes from my pores, into the night’s sky

and asks you to grant its wish–

to look at yourself

not as you,

nor me,

but as One


a single universe united in song.


December 16, 2015

4 thoughts on “The First Day

  1. I must say, we are aligned on the journey that is truth, ugly on good days, and please don’t take offense, but to awaken and realize, now that is the day our lives begin, for we crawl up through the much and say there is more, yes, and we keep rising until we find that meager warmth of us to give birth to the beginning of the true us that become something from nothing, welcome to the journey my friend, if this sounds crazy, please disregard, but I see in your words a deep sense of knowing…feeling a kinship indeed. Peace and blessings, K

    • Not crazy in the least. This put a smile on my face. It is indeed a journey and as much as we say it and hear it, it is not until we feel it that we understand what we are embarking on (or, in a way, what we have been on our whole lives simply by existing!). I’m certainly just starting mine, and it is exciting and mysterious and overwhelming. But it also feels like love in its fullest form. I’m thankful for your comment and the knowledge that we are never alone ❤

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