The Revenant

Last night,

at the movie,

you sat next to me.


The theater

was full,

I sat alone

between you

and three guys,


of my singleness.


But then you

rolled over,

to share his faux

leather recliner,

and I smiled.


Most of the time,

my independence

likes being alone.


It gets its own seat.


March 5, 2016


2 thoughts on “The Revenant

  1. A lovely poetic twist, RJ. I can relate to the heightened awareness of singleness you explore here, the way it folds in on itself and swirls through us a little like cream stirred into coffee. I think there is a singleness like this that remains regardless of relationship status. There is a place where we and we alone make contact with the infinite, and sometimes moments and relationships draw it out like a flower and sometimes they don’t, and I think it just goes on and on… Holding ourselves gently is the holiest work…


    • “Holding ourselves gently is the holiest work.” Definitely something I need to remind myself often, so thank you for stating it so nicely here– and for the comment itself. That balance between singleness (like you say, regardless of relationship status) and connection is a pretty beautiful part of life.

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