2016 thoughts 

The way I’ve learned to see it, we can know some things- but those things can never be “man made.” Intensive inquiry made without acute observation from the natural world? Thoughts? Writing? Speech? Words themselves? These are all things we make every day to help others better understand our experience. Can you imagine that, once upon a time, the languages we use now did not exist? And yet this world still existed- the energy and connection that is this universe and all others out there existed. This connection is what we can trust in- something beyond ourselves and not something we made up for our own benefit. And trust me, I love words. They are amazing things that help us communicate our understanding of this phenomenon, our everlasting connection with each other. But we cannot hold onto them TOO tightly; we cannot believe our thoughts and words to be TOO powerful and all knowing. We will never fully know; but we can feel and sense this Higher Being: the simple fact that everything in existence came from something else, that we are all powered by the same fuel. And in words, many of us have decided to call that fuel Love. And I think that is a word well chosen. ❤️ 

The Elegant Loner


Ancient Skies


The loner can be so elegant, and bold,

holding his or her distance as a strength

a trophy of aloofness, never

wavering until the wind becomes

dangerous, and their sea walls

begin the crumble.

They look good though, poised

strength only slightly shaken,

they must know deep down,

they were never really

truly alone.


Poetry and Image © Copyright 2016, ancient skies

Peace and blessings to everyone.

“When we love people, we give them hope.”

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It’s all about leaning forward.


In the moments fear grabs your neck like a thief

and you don’t know where you belong–

the sky or the ground–

realize that all we can do is lean into the moment.


It’s all about being honest with yourself,

about yourself.


In the times joy cradles you in their arms

like a newborn child

know that you, too, can rest–

realize that you, too, are safe as long as you exist.


It’s all about loving yourself,

the darkness and the light.


Society comes up with names for every game we play,

whether it’s in our head and back again

the way we look up at skyscrapers and billboards

beach walkways and desert islands

your children are my children

we are all of the same skin

just let me in on the secret of sin

there’s no winning or losing,

there’s just where you are

and where you’ve been

in these bodies we pray

these genes aren’t moving today

they’ve taken up residence for a reason

in an effort to survive despite the season

trust in your Self, above all else

no matter what name you’ve learned,

you are here Now,

so love all of your Self,

not just some.


April 10, 2016