My Life

All I want to do with my life is love.  And we can all do it.  There is no obstacle too large. You’re not always going to be happy.  And you certainly will not always make others happy.  But you can always love.  I believe that is why we are here…we can knowingly go out into the world, recognize our connections, nurture them and love each other.

It’s all I want.


May 23, 2016


We say it is not real.


I have fought against it

tooth and nail.


I forgot it is

the world’s greatest healer.


The wind washes

over our souls

every day.


You are clean.

You are free.


There is no question.


May 20, 2016


Let them

fall out of me,

like rain,

these words on a page,

they are my blood

four drops in a row

you know

they’ll have me running,



“What was,”

and, “What is…”


Let the open door

remind me,

remind you

that our hearts

are not just our house;

they are our home

and the rooms they have to fill,


they’re already filled with Love.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there! 

May 5, 2016

Riverside Park

Some days,

my eyes drift down like leaves

falling to the ground

they do not fight the wind

they say, “Thank you,” and move on.



they cry–

and don’t even know why–

it doesn’t feel like rain

it just feels like a mess I have made.


Listen as I run.


Footsteps left behind

they will fade with time

the sunset is the only direction I am headed in,

no matter the feeling

I keep moving

for life is about flowing with the storm,

even when it’s in your mind.


May 1, 2016