What If

What do you do

when you love someone so much

but you don’t know how to tell them

so that they truly hear it?


What if that person is yourself?


August 26, 2016


To deny that life

Is nothing more

Than a sort of practice

Than a way to smooth out

Your hands

Your breath

Your paper back novels

Is to deny that life

Is nothing more

Than change,


That we can guide along the way,

The way home.


August 21, 2016



Whatever comes naturally–

that is the “right” thing

that is the “wrong” thing

well, it’s just a “thing.”

Perhaps it’s “nothing.”

This feeling of trying

to reach out and grasp

an answer out of thin air

I’ve been chasing it

for a long, long time,

but not as long as I have been

breathing, kicking, speaking

these “things” we advocate for

and believe in are just “no things”

living and dying and rising

and settling for rather than loving

“Trust me,” says the wind,

“Listen,” says the water,

“You’re here!” says the bird.

Meditate on that.

Find your passion.

Be the passion

that allows you to be.


July 20, 2016