Watching strangers on the subway

I find a spot to stand on the train

and it feels like a paradise,

spaces between strangers sock and shoes

and sweat and stories—

let me keep my distance.

Although there is a tiredness to it.

I was taught I could do any damn thing,

and I believe it: I feel my uniqueness

lifting me up as a I walk,

swarming around in my veins

a home for the hive, bees going extinct

but I know where the honey is:

it’s right here, honey.


Touch the water.

Tell me about it in 10 years when your city has none

a reality not yet created yet so tangible I want to reach out

and touch it, drag it back to now so I connect my future son-

in-law to my sink, so he can grab a bucket and fill it,

empty it, fill it, empty it into Chennai, into Cape Town.


I know New York will follow one day

does my specialness stand a chance? Does our ability

to find our race and run it define our character,

our identity,

our existence

the years that have been dripping by,

like water from a faucet,

like honey from a hive.

I know that I cannot solve any problem alone but where do I

start? Tell me where to put this water and these bones and I’ll do it.

Just promise me someone will be here when the flowers bloom.


June 28, 2019

2 thoughts on “Watching strangers on the subway

  1. I’m with you. We need to stop shopping at Wall-Mart, stop putting poison on lawns, stop supporting companies that abuse their employees, McDonalds,Wendy’s,Burger King, stop letting companies pollute our air, water and earth, and pay huge fines to the government who doesn’t make they fix the damage but continue to kill everything. We need to boycott places that don’t care…as a people. We can’t do it as individuals. We need the power of the people. Get rid of companies like Monsanto, don’t let the farmers be forced to buy seeds from the government, don’t buy food that doesn’t say NO GMOs. Buy locally, if possible. We need the power of the people, as I said. We can’t really make a difference, or make them stop killing us, one by one. We need to bring them to a stop, before there’s no future for our kids.

  2. Apologies for the late reply – this was a really thoughtful response an I appreciate it. I agree, we need the power of the people for sure. The question I’m usually left with is how to we best gather together to harness that power?

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