until we meet again,

and when we find

some time

to spend so well;

so long,

my lady,

sixth street

still sunny

while singing,

“I’m the one,”

until next time,

my friend,

and I’ll see you

back again,

spreading those wings

like a bird that dares to fly,

no bat of the eye

could keep you down,

so goodnight,

my sweet angel,


July 23, 2014


My Angel

a throwback, for a friend


I never knew

I had an angel following me,

day by day

every step she’d mimic–

I turn around,

she disappears.


“Who are you?”

I’d scream, silently agitated

with every passing minute


Until she found me,

lonely on the stair.

“Why so sad,” she asked

and suddenly, I knew she cared.


She’d been on my path

from the beginning,

patiently protecting and guiding,

unknowingly saving me

from my own shadow.


November 10, 2011