A Song For You

To write a song for you…

I’m not sure

that would be enough

to conquer all the land mines

and droughts of ego,

to call back love and light and mystery

all in their due time.

You are an angel

from a sky I have not seen;

you are a fighter

sent to battle with the demons of our ancestors,

a capitalistic machine

that drowns us all in its own way;

you are the oxygen tank.


Take your place on the stage, my dear,

and I will hear your heart sing before your lungs,

will promise to throw every rose

from my garden up to you,

to let you take a bow,

to strike up a conversation with my neighbor

when he says, “God damn, that child sure does know how to sing,”

to which I will say, “And she sure does know how to live.”


May 6, 2018




until we meet again,

and when we find

some time

to spend so well;

so long,

my lady,

sixth street

still sunny

while singing,

“I’m the one,”

until next time,

my friend,

and I’ll see you

back again,

spreading those wings

like a bird that dares to fly,

no bat of the eye

could keep you down,

so goodnight,

my sweet angel,


July 23, 2014

My Angel

a throwback, for a friend


I never knew

I had an angel following me,

day by day

every step she’d mimic–

I turn around,

she disappears.


“Who are you?”

I’d scream, silently agitated

with every passing minute


Until she found me,

lonely on the stair.

“Why so sad,” she asked

and suddenly, I knew she cared.


She’d been on my path

from the beginning,

patiently protecting and guiding,

unknowingly saving me

from my own shadow.


November 10, 2011