through my window

the intersection

of tree

and sky,

the lines 

they paint

across pale blue horizons 

while two black specks of bird chase each other.



expanding over snow-dipped houses–

it will never be found beneath my pen.


the earth knows things my mind cannot see.


but I can still sit back,


and soak in the view:

a single, conscious moment in the universe.

tumblr_nxewliCb0n1u489n5o1_1280.jpgFebruary 6, 2016


It would never have worked out anyway,

you and I.



a lonely tree,

still sturdy enough

to shelter you when there was rain

my own pain present in my rings–

you wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t made you ask.



a fallen sparrow,

just looking for a place to stay

until you flew away–

your wings are meant for flying, you know.



we parted ways,

years floating by as you flew, and I grew tall–

I can see more beauty from a distance, now.


I stand my ground,

and sometimes look around

at the leaves I have spread,


onto the earth below:

expanding pain and beauty and time

giving only wisdom back

to the soil–

they are called growth rings,

after all.


This weekend, I shared some of my work at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in NYC.  Considering I had not planned on this at all (had only expected to listen to some spoken word) it went pretty well! The experience paired with this lovely article ( inspired this poem…and for me to change things up and add a [google search provided] photograph.  Happy Monday! 


I will accept surrender in all of its forms.

I will surrender to the beauty of the natural.

I will question and battle any unnatural, painful force

remember that society is nothing but an illusion

but all the more real for it

is the pain you feel when you realize

you are just a step in the ladder

Do not let them step on you.

I will accept surrender in all of its forms.

My body is my temple

and so is my mind–

do not let it battle itself because of society’s lies

I will surrender to the beauty of the natural.

I am, You are, We are natural

creatures in God’s universe

we were made by the one thing that could inspire

a Fall, a Big Bang, a Whisper into a Soul


is the most natural thing about us;

we may not be perfect

but our Love is

we must embrace it with two hands, one heart,

one head

that feels like it’s been a battleground for so long.

Remember your childhood:

The trees that protected your fuzzy head

The breeze that tickled the space between your toes

The breath that flowed in and out without a care

The laughs from inside sprinkled out into the wilderness

from an open door.

All we have is each other;

All we have is love.

I will accept surrender in all of its forms.


I will surrender to the beauty of the natural.


May 30, 2015



take a glimpse at my eyes



Do they sound like home?


Or are they in need of rescue,

an escape plan

falling out of place

into an enough-to-breathe

lifetime’s supply of light?



let’s hope for something true

in the midst of all this damn dark,

turn the misery of being into my beauty,


Light up my Orion

so I can see.


September 8, 2014

The Beauty Within

Take ownership

of your mess,

for your beauty

can only be found


Whether it be below

your darkest depths,

within your deepest fears–––

no cande-lit room awaits you,

and yet all I can do

is cheer

that I am here,

and it is day,

a new light

borrowed from the same sun

I ran from yesterday,

blurring into the furry of my mind

that’s actually been quite playful

all along,

once I learned

it’s all a game.

September 1, 2014