must read

the signs


my child–

it is not every day

the sun

and moon

touch lips

and then part ways.


Do no let one

chase the other

in vain–


their footsteps

into the sky

and realize

your own emptiness,

your own infinity,

your own basic goodness

stretching out

like a smile

over the pale blue



December 26, 2015

She Cares


I do not agree

that you can care about

someone, something

“too much.”


It’s all about how you act

upon that care

you can be the camel–

carry a load upon your back

and make it feel natural,

still, but heavy,

or you can be the water.


Drink only what is necessary

for being alive in your life

because, frankly,

I am here now

let’s teach our daughters


that one should develop a mind,

a compassionate being

is important

in leading you to “cool friends”–

not that “cool friends,”

drinking all the water for themselves,

make you important.


May 17, 2014