Let me out

of my four-legged pen

and have my eyes

come out to play–––

I’m sick of all these “rules”

and “expectations.”



A chamber only dark

horses go away to,

don’t seem to like it

yet they rest on anyway

in their own gloom.


Closed doors define

so don’t let me get away;

I am capable of freedom

I understand my mind

has crevices I do not know

and still others I do

but am unwilling to explore.


Pass up the world’s grandeur

and pure energy

for a kiss and a light beer?


One day we shall come out

of the dark,

stammering like stallions

embracing the golden swell

we know forever well,

to be light.


September 15, 2014

Behind A Stable Heart

The reason I know

what lies behind the velvet curtain

is that I have been there before:

horses in a stable,

easing back their heels

to embrace the swelling sun,

their own bright eye;

a set of doubled doors

leading to nowhere–––

to everywhere in the life of a man

remembering what it was like

to be a child, to fall in love,

to laugh at those like myself

foals in a busy world of emotion,

keeping kosher and drinking tea

for long hours into the night

imagining what it was like

before we swept the curtain away.

June 16, 2014