To Be Me

What a struggle

to be me,

sitting here

so patiently

waiting for a new train to come,

the last one long gone,

gone, gone…


We need nothing,

and yet there is longing;

we want everything,

and yet here it is:



on some stone in my backyard.


All alone, it has sat.




in a station

I have sat at many times.


Maybe if it looked in on itself,

it would find patience there, too.


January 9, 2016


Watching the Night

Have I ever gazed

a sight like this?

Third (fourth) floor?

Window sill?

Moon shining like a teardrop

ready to fall from above?


Well, no.

It will stay in its place.

All you must do

is spread your wings

and fly up there yourself, darling.


You have nothing to fear.


It is just a New York street,

an Upper Manhattan merengue

playing off in the distance.


What does that sound, taste, scent of doubt

have on this essence of consciousness?


We are here together, on this main stage.


It keeps turning,

we keep turning,

your mind keeps turning

let it be what it is.

Feel it.  Nod, let it go.


Patience is hidden in the smile of the moon,

offered by the silence of her sister sun

she remains, shining brighter in the darkness

and not afraid of her beauty, either.


The real miracle

is knowing how to watch the show

and not become it;

the moon does this for us every night

brushes her lips against the sky

I can see it shining–

a smile reflected in the stars.


No, I cannot see them above the diner sign

but I can hear them:

whispers of light

burning through the galaxy

reminding us

that we do not understand time, just yet.


July 12, 2016

A Thought

The biggest lesson I have stumbled upon: one cannot assume anything in

this life. One must listen to the world, to one’s body, to other’s on every level before

creating any kind of belief system. This applies to legitimately any situation you will

ever be in, when considering anything from the universe, the world, a country, a state, a

neighborhood, a family, a person, yourself.


When we think, we often come to conclusions based on information we think we already

know. But the truth is, the world is vast and systematic yet mysterious. I have written it

before, for it is true: the world turns us; we do not turn the Earth.

Patience and listening. They are the most important virtues to have in life if you want to

find real truth and peace.


For peace is here– one must not “find it,” for it is everywhere. It is just learning to listen

to it, and thus believe it. At the core of every group said above is this eternal peace and

balance. It allows us all to exist. When your mind tells you otherwise, all you must do

is settle down and listen to your inner self, your outer self– anything that will help you

understand the question or feeling at hand.


Listening and patience are the qualities that allow for “letting go,” for “living in the

moment,” for living in the truth of the moment.

So be still. Be at ease. And when you’re not, sit down, lay down and listen. At some

level, even under vast levels of uncertainty, conflict, strife, and doubt, there is a truth– a

peace– ready to be heard.


Everything that we will experience in this life is based on perception. To listen, to be

patient, is to open your perception up as fully as it can be opened. To listen is to be.


January 2, 2015


If something

has touched your soul

then let it–


is melody

when it’s all at the drop

of a hat

my time is precious,

I will not waste it

on your wrath

give me pennies instead

to end

this little game

and move on

to a brave solider

on the library steps

and three deep breaths

to keep going,



December 14, 2014


Write patiently,



Syllables don’t just


from cloud

to cloud

as if Noah’s Arc

was reinventing itself–––


a rainbow proclaiming

its glory.



is slow,

when you discover it

piece by folded shirt

by flowing grass blade

to the piece of hair

falling on your cheek

pushed back by a stranger,

a smooth talker.


It’s like the wind:

how you can’t see the meaning

in words, you can only feel them.


April 29, 2014

Half Way

So here you are

on this broken ground,

and you don’t know

which way to turn–

questions upon flower beds

upon your neighbor’s half

opened picket gate that is,

perhaps, meant to be half-way–

perhaps this is the way.

Sink into the ground, feet firm,

and know your presence,

pen and patience as your guide,

miracles blossoming in a moment

and more than anything we are

brothers within our deepest fears,

our fondest loves, the passion

that remains ready, hunched up

inside us all, asking

to call out, “I am ready.”

July 20, 2014

Let Me Write A Poem

If not a love song, let me write a poem

For now under nightly stars,

Their shine flowing out

Of my dark-tipped pen

Onto the empty page.

The moon will shape notes

Onto paper until I can hum along,

Ride the coach my horses draw,

Paint the portraits lovers saw

Together, in silence.

I shall remain content

In my lonely-letter looks;

I shall keep my ink bleeding

And carry my heart to the next suitor.

April 18, 2014