A Wish

I will convert,

for you,

twenty seven times over

in order to spin Earth’s axis

back to it’s original


My secret haven,



cool to the touch

skin on skin

and I believe again

that I can win

when my feet are tired

two at a time


I wish it was you

holding the umbrella in the rain,

to kiss me goodnight

under some station light

I knew had flickered out



September 24, 2014


Behind A Stable Heart

The reason I know

what lies behind the velvet curtain

is that I have been there before:

horses in a stable,

easing back their heels

to embrace the swelling sun,

their own bright eye;

a set of doubled doors

leading to nowhere–––

to everywhere in the life of a man

remembering what it was like

to be a child, to fall in love,

to laugh at those like myself

foals in a busy world of emotion,

keeping kosher and drinking tea

for long hours into the night

imagining what it was like

before we swept the curtain away.

June 16, 2014

Half Way

So here you are

on this broken ground,

and you don’t know

which way to turn–

questions upon flower beds

upon your neighbor’s half

opened picket gate that is,

perhaps, meant to be half-way–

perhaps this is the way.

Sink into the ground, feet firm,

and know your presence,

pen and patience as your guide,

miracles blossoming in a moment

and more than anything we are

brothers within our deepest fears,

our fondest loves, the passion

that remains ready, hunched up

inside us all, asking

to call out, “I am ready.”

July 20, 2014