The subtle


of reality

is nothing

but a dream–

in words,

in thoughts,

in praises

and deeds–

but when all is quiet,

all the music

turned off,

 there is still

a gentle hum,

the remains of reality

drifting peacefully

in, “Now.”

October 30, 2015

Something Real


of division

my life story

mingles in threads

of Catholicism

and the like

and I must stop myself

from pulling them loose.

Fighting anything

will never result

in absolution

I do not want to dismantle

the quilt;

I just want to prove

that it is nothing more

than patchwork.

Positive energy

can be difficult to gather

when your tribe has only consisted

of society and people living on the line

of nothing more than muddled minds–

it’s a connection that never lasts.

Instead of fabrication

I seek connection to nature’s past,

present and future,

the fact that the present

is the only reality that can turn us inwards

face us homewards

we are all connected by something greater:

Being, love– they live inside of us.

Religion crumples before it,

nationalities will laugh,

countries torn by economic mishap

and strife will fall to their knees

when we realize that the external fight

will never result in internal freedom.

I do not want to destroy a notion;

I just want to shine light on the beauty

of something real.

August 23, 2015


The truth is:

I am

You are

We are here


beings of imperfection

near flawless

in their beginnings,

middle and ends,


imitating any last licks

of life we can mop up

before becoming the next

number, name, picture.


Our eyes

dull our sight

but our understanding

is a mind–


a black on white

sea of looking away

at the reality that is mine,

for now.


July 3, 2014