My Sister and I

A few seconds left

of number nine

waiting for now…

if it comes.

Yes, it’s here

I rush out of there

to my place,

where I can be alone-

but no,

there’s still that raincloud

above me whenever I’m there,

when the sun sets

and the moon glows

that dragon is under me.

When sunlight fills my window

she is over me;

When I am anywhere,

she’s there.

Bur if she wasn’t…

I wouldn’t.

If she disappeared in the moonlight

I’d be the cloud,

lifting her up

and although we’d be gone…

we’d be together, forever.

September, 2004
I wrote this poem in seventh grade amd recently found it in a long-lost journal.

The Same

I am everything;

I am nothing.


You are everything;

You are nothing.


So often we forget

you and I are the same.


Let the world

open it’s front door,

back porch, wind blown hair

and feel the essence

of Being.


Let it be known

that all associations

and ideas

are nothing more

than stepping stones

to our real life,

made of stillness,

peace and love–



August 8, 2015



To say

I live the highest life

would not be far off course

for I sail

to my own wind–

it turns the sails

as I do.

And yet

I know the voices in your head

can lead you off track

as your own voice sinks


to a lost narrative–

until you finally rise up

to the brink.


open sky

as a simile would say


is ours”

for “I” cannot exist

without “us”

and “eternity”

is filled with the eternal breath

of strangers

that are nevertheless


and to imagine a life

without fear

is to see a real heaven,

with love,

spilling over the sides.

December 1, 2014