“I” and “Us”

We must

put the “simple”

back in



It’s a one-ring circus

where only “I’s” are the conductors

it will never suffice

in a world of 7 billion

of “us.”


How did our fathers land us here?

More like,

“How do we get ourselves out?”

I want to know

that if I were to have a daughter

she will see a river,

touch a lake with two hands;

if a son,

that he will not be afraid of dreaming

of an extra-compassionate-driven,




instead of money give me roses,

I believe the future deserves them.


For it is our story to write,

to be written by a hand

that wrote of global harmony,

welcomed women

taking a stand for what is right,

taking a stand for freedom,

taking a stand

for “us.”

April 10, 2015


It approaches

with sunset

into dawn,


the world turning

to glance at the mess

we have made

over sands and waters,

mountains of desolation

in minds wondering,

“How did we get here

and how do we get out?”


Confounding nature

made of sure-tell signs

that being

is just as glorious

as building a bridge

to the next skyscraper.


When will the sky fall?


Or will it only cry,

punctured by structures

not even the human soul

can dance through?


August 10, 2014