Your story,

as important as it has become to you in this life,

is just a story.


There is something bigger at work here.


Your story,

as important as it has become to you in this life,

is just a letter.


It’s the letter “S”

with its roadway curves

and lack of edges–

it is a letter, in a word,

on a page, in a book.



The only truth is connection.


The only outcome is surrender.


December 3, 2016


Let them

fall out of me,

like rain,

these words on a page,

they are my blood

four drops in a row

you know

they’ll have me running,



“What was,”

and, “What is…”


Let the open door

remind me,

remind you

that our hearts

are not just our house;

they are our home

and the rooms they have to fill,


they’re already filled with Love.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there! 

May 5, 2016

Today cannot be a Poem

Extremely beautiful, wise poetry.


see, today cannot be a poem…

even though it unravels like a heavy scroll,
a secret note
from a caravan of spices and silks
lost on a mountain track just wide enough for curiosity;

though it waits in the armpit of a hesitant clock,
an empty scabbard
filling with shreds of spongy sunset
curdled by the timeless sword of ennui;

though it cries with the sound of the desert rain,
a pencil caricature
of cubes of frozen light
drowning in the cast iron goblets of reality;

see, today can never be a poem…

even though it writes on these diagonal lines
an absent truth
with wordless fingers that unkiss the lies
on the the clenched lips of made up memory.

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Is there another way

I just want to be honest


who wouldn’t want equality?


Who wouldn’t want to know

that your skin is tied to mine

and that all unknowns

competition bred

can be flushed out of our pores,

one last time,

in search of a brighter,

more natural glow?


Who wouldn’t want to spread love

instead of greasy, sweat shop-made

greed spiraling into a system

we have known for so long

that some seem to think it’s “normal”?


If empty hearts are all to be had

then lead me to an ocean,

lead me to a forest

to learn from the only souls

that know how to rise and fall,

listen and insist on Being

and nothing short of it.


Let the waves rise

and teach me the strength found in freedom;

let the leaves fall

and show me, effortlessly, how beautiful it can be

to let go.


November 22, 2015