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Richard M. Ankers - Author

Waft of rose
On mistral breeze
Sculpted eyebrows
Lift to tease

Hint of glitter
Twist of lace
Suffused sunlight
On her face

Made for warmth
Appears in June
By the autumn
Fit to bloom

Call her Summer
So very shy
I fear for her
As frosts creep nigh

Best away, love
Fragile form
Until next year
I’ll pine forlorn

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Inspirational Blogger Award


Thank you so incredibly much to Simply Haynes for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  As a writer, I can only hope to inspire others as I create and share my work.  Thank you all for supporting me along the way!  There would be no WordPress without supportive bloggers such as your kind selves.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate other amazing blogs and comment on their blog to let them know you nominated them.

Facts about me

  1. I am currently doing a year of service through an AmeriCorps organization called City Year.
  2. I’ve ate peanut butter and jelly for lunch during more days of my life than not.
  3. Three is my favorite number, and alter ego.
  4. I hail from New York and am proud to call it home.
  5. I am currently reading The Circle, by David Eggers.  It is impeccable.
  6. I wrote a thesis paper on the notion of wilderness in college, but have only been to one national park.
  7. Before learning I would be spending this year in California, I dreamt of spending it in Alaska.

Here are some blogs, in no particular order, that I have found inspiration from in my over-a-year of blogging.  Thank you for the inspirational work you share!

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Embracing Forever 

When I Say Jesus…

Regardless of your beliefs, a beautiful poem

Embracing Forever

When I say Jesus
in these poems,
I hope you don’t think
that I think
that I know
with any real precision
what I’m talking about.

When a stone
says yes
to one day
returning to
the shimmering heart of a star,
and the star says yes
to beaming that stone’s endless heart
through all of space and time,
and the gravity inside of every
pebble, rock, and speck of sand
becomes a continuum of Meaning,
it becomes difficult to say
just what exactly that
stone has become,
or what all those other stones
are really up to.

What seems most important,
is that after years of wandering
from town-to-town,
gathering in taverns
or caves by the sea
to listen to sages and saints,
after walking across miles
of starlit landscapes,
some nights torn asunder
by the tensions of possibility and custom,
others rescued from the void
by the touch of…

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stirrings come from deep within
dwelling in my soul
creeping like mist, they
echo like the lone wolf’s cry
at the harvest moon

longings tugging at my heart
for silence and solitude
ocean waves lap the shores
branches sway in the wind
the eagle’s call drifts on morning air

deep dark blues
smokey greys
mossy greens
like thick fog
enveloping my brain

I hear the trees call
waters murmur
bird songs
city life is hard
and cold
and lonely

drowning in a sea of people
surrounded by lives
yet never touched
time to reconnect
feel nature beneath my feet
breath clean air
explore forests of trees
not concrete jungles

stirrings come from deep within
longings tugging at my heart
deep dark blues
I hear the trees call
drowning in a sea of people.

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