on the beach

need not tremble,

for there is no place to hide

from troubles that never existed–

will never exist


let the wind be your thoughts,

the waves your heartbeat,

whispering Love, eternal


August 2, 2015


Pull Me In



an ocean wave

to swell

and fall

and grow

and crawl onto sanded shores–

we must

do this every day.


Jack knew what he was saying

when he sang, “You don’t love,

but you don’t hate,”

it is an effortlessness of being


Share your heart with me,

water, I am yours–

I am you.




February 17, 2015

A Memory

Your posture is slipping,

my friend.


Now is your back meant

to resemble a Disney tale hunch

or is your heart just leaning,



I remember

the first time you called me baby–

you offered up your right palm

and made me giggle for a while,

the foam of waves

washing away yet reminding me

that this beach will be here longer

than I ever have, or will be

standing side by side with you,

leaning towards me.


November 9, 2014