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Well, a TED talk share: http://www.ted.com/talks/robb_willer_how_to_have_better_political_conversations


“Empathy and respect.

Empathy and respect.

If you think about , it’s the very least

we owe our fellow citizens.”


Your story,

as important as it has become to you in this life,

is just a story.


There is something bigger at work here.


Your story,

as important as it has become to you in this life,

is just a letter.


It’s the letter “S”

with its roadway curves

and lack of edges–

it is a letter, in a word,

on a page, in a book.



The only truth is connection.


The only outcome is surrender.


December 3, 2016

My Life

All I want to do with my life is love.  And we can all do it.  There is no obstacle too large. You’re not always going to be happy.  And you certainly will not always make others happy.  But you can always love.  I believe that is why we are here…we can knowingly go out into the world, recognize our connections, nurture them and love each other.

It’s all I want.


May 23, 2016


In times

of good

and bad

I let nature

be my teacher.


One leaf


as gently

as a summer song,

not so I can sing along–

but to remind me

that I belong

in these last pieces

of greenery,

they are not simple


they are our home

a good climb upon a hill

does more for me

than an hour in mass,

sings me back the source

layered in my own skin

not to spite religion

but society warms itself

on separation,

these leaves

that sway

sing songs of connection

of life

that will stand

long after we fall–

no human controls all.


Instead I open up

my window,

lean into the wind

and listen.


January 10, 2016


Home is so much bigger than it used to be,



The plane touches down and part of my soul

is granted the peace of knowing that it is back

to where it started.


But what about yesterday?

What happens to the people I met

in an across-the-country-state

where the sun blooms in hills I never knew

until the wind blew my body in their direction?


My mind followed.


Memories will remain stuck to me like paint to a wall

I never wish to scrub off, that I never want to fade

the students’ faces, teammates’ voices,

my roommate’s laugh.


They were, are, my best friends,

just as sun and moon follow the lake

their reflections will change, but not disappear.


I close my eyes, open them with what seems like an answer

to the age old question, “Why are we here?”


We are here to expand our love in all directions,

wherever the wind takes us, wherever our soul lead us

we are one soul, after all.


I can sing of home, we can howl to the moon

praying to see the sun another day–

when light, all along, was right in front of us,

forever homebound.


June 28, 2015

A Sailor

You cannot put people

into buckets

for when the rain comes

a bucket will only hold so much–

and yet a friend holds all

a boy once told me

that I had the eyes of a sailor,

on the lookout for my crew

I knew I’d board one day

when the weather was right,

all people, legs and sweaty hands

grasping the railing

oak and salt mixed hybrid


are on the ship, too.

Off in the corner–

“Hold the wheel!”

“But you only gave me one

bucket to lean on, sir!”


You do not know me

and I most certainly do not

know you in full, but certainly

we must realize

how the waves link our hands

in light reflected on the cabin floor,

and “Land ho!” screams to remind us

you fill in all of me,

not part.


first poem of the year, on my birthday ❤ 


January, 1, 2015