No more blind dates and no more forced chit chat;

No more rushed sentences hoping that I’ll bite back;

No more London blokes and no more blonde women;

No more action before meaningful reflection;

No more overstepping and no more indecision;

No more pedestals and slow walking pedestrians;

No more deep sighs across a deeper blue ocean;

No more leaving my fate to other’s expectations.


October 13th, 2019

The Revenant

Last night,

at the movie,

you sat next to me.


The theater

was full,

I sat alone

between you

and three guys,


of my singleness.


But then you

rolled over,

to share his faux

leather recliner,

and I smiled.


Most of the time,

my independence

likes being alone.


It gets its own seat.


March 5, 2016

thoughts after the party

who says I have to follow him around,

chase a boy that didn’t see me in the first place?

be brave in the moment,


but no woman should have to go chasing after a man,

force the queen that she is into his face

and push “forever.”

I walk away,

stare at the blank concrete

and wonder, for the millionth time,

“When will he come?”

well, I’m tired.

it is what society has fed us from the womb

It is why boys eye me from across the street

it is how biology may have made us

but no matter–

women can think, too.

to say,

“I am enough,”

is not the same as


“I am enough.”

the 14 year old girl on Instagram posting selfies

in hopes of some hot guy’s comments:

you are enough.

the sister and the daughter and the grandmother

who have seen the message passed down from generation

to generation, “When are you marrying him?”

Well, “When will you finally realize that you’re married to yourself?”

I am enough.

it’s not that I don’t want that warmth and satisfaction

of knowing I can hold one man for the rest of time

but I don’t want to chase him into doing so.

I am light,

and if I have to wait until someone not only sees it

but looks at me, straight in the eyes

and says they want to be my sun…

that’s okay, too.

June 6, 2015


We are women-

as if from the beginning

of time we’ve depended

on “men” to fill our “wo”

because woe

could never be enough

for a pathway to existence

to withstand


They called me baby

as I walked

the 6th street sidewalk-

do they understand

I have more language

than that of my body


I am a woman,

but I do not need

a man to prove it-

he is an extra sweetness

in this time

and when the time is right

he’ll come,

I’ll come,

knowing I’d be happy

with or without him

and my Cosmopolitan,

vodka tonic, high-class magazine:

“Look sexy for your man,”

why can’t I just look


for myself


without Disney telling me

I’m a princess in need of a prince,

why am I only allowed

to feel beautiful

when I have a man on my shoulder


without my grandmothers’

extra glow

when it comes to marriage


propose to me this:

a man will love me

when the time is right,

and yet it is always time

to love the woman-

the complete woman-

in me.


February 27, 2015