A Sailor

You cannot put people

into buckets

for when the rain comes

a bucket will only hold so much–

and yet a friend holds all

a boy once told me

that I had the eyes of a sailor,

on the lookout for my crew

I knew I’d board one day

when the weather was right,

all people, legs and sweaty hands

grasping the railing

oak and salt mixed hybrid


are on the ship, too.

Off in the corner–

“Hold the wheel!”

“But you only gave me one

bucket to lean on, sir!”


You do not know me

and I most certainly do not

know you in full, but certainly

we must realize

how the waves link our hands

in light reflected on the cabin floor,

and “Land ho!” screams to remind us

you fill in all of me,

not part.


first poem of the year, on my birthday ❤ 


January, 1, 2015