Haiku 5

Help us remember

the meaning beyond the words;

Now we will be free.


June 26, 2016


We say it is not real.


I have fought against it

tooth and nail.


I forgot it is

the world’s greatest healer.


The wind washes

over our souls

every day.


You are clean.

You are free.


There is no question.


May 20, 2016

Forever Love

The final drop

in the bucket,

knowing it does not exist

that all expands

and contracts

and realizes its impermanence

simply by being free.

A free love–

it is all I could ever wish for.


My hands on your cheeks,

tracing your smile

and the etches of your mind

that I once thought to be unreadable


I want you

to flip through my pages

and learn my story,

to write it with me:

our forever love.

November 29, 2015