City Living

We live here,

apartment three

floor four–

it’s confusing,

I know.

Burgundy molding

pinches the outside of my window,

a gentle beauty

I did not expect to find on my side

of New York City.

The big picture is always on my mind;

and yet I so rarely see it.

I can stand across the street

and trace the molding with my finger,

flowers and leaves winding down,

perfectly framing a place

that makes home feel a little bit closer.

My head hurts, sometimes.

Despite the pretty picture

I can still hear the questions

layered in the window pane,

stories corned in by concrete slabs

and the society

we close our doors and try to hide from

We cannot lock ourselves away forever.

My eyes are beginning to open,

learning what it means to not just think


but to be whole;

not just to trace the molding

but to hold the painting,

turn the knob,

open the door.

September 18, 2015

Your Place

Don’t ever be so busy

trying to find your own


that you forget about your piece

in others:

the piece you play

the peace you hold

the tears you catch and dry

the hands you hold and pry

open to expose their secret

holdings– but only

when they’re ready

it’s what makes it so difficult

to stay in

and out of oneself

at the same time, in balance

so you can remember

how holistic thinking

is not a 21st century conundrum

but a sip of the past, future

and present

connection of man.


May 28, 2014