The Observers


too many questions,

are not meant for this life.


We are the Observers.


We are learning,

not to create,

not to know,

but to feel,

to build,

to grow

in the direction of what is perfect:

our own Being–



gazing skywards.


October 30, 2015


Frozen Lake

It has

taken me a while

to sit in a dark corner,

rest in my chair

and think about the scene

on the lake:

children following

chilled ear-muffed parents,

falling into black puddles

my eyes sore

from their grimaces

and yet, all too soon,

they come back up again.


I was never too trusting

of my skates;

faces tell me their parents

are not either.


I suppose

falling and rising

are the stepping stones of a generation,

frostbite, bumps and bruises

making our own easier to handle,

each crack in the ice

new wisdom,

a sudden truth

that all we need to know

is not the mirage,

sprawled green grass glowing in the distance.


It is the frozen

here and now.


July 23, 2015



Today I ran my first half marathon.  Six months ago, I would never have believed I could achieve this feat.  

It goes to show: each day we are born anew.  Each day, each moment, is the only real truth of our lives.  We begin again every moment.  Believe in this, for “now” is truly forever.  

April 19, 2015