Morning Commute


your hand

off the door

and take a step

with me.



your eyebrow

while your side eye

grants me a grin–

did I say it



“I like you,”

and all those messy thoughts aside,

“I know you,”

or at least I want to.


My steps feel lighter

now that you’re part of the story

rolling through my head–

or is this my stop at Penn?


Don’t want to miss my train again…


January 28, 2016


I Like…

I like people

who are full-time open books,

they don’t pick and choose

what pages to fill

I like forgiveness,

for even a friend will have a flaw

I like my freedom,

for it is never too little too late

I like late nights,

but only when they lead

to fulfilled mornings


I wear my patience thin,

it seems,

chasing improvement and growth

more than truly liking the “now”


I like when “now” has a feeling:


I like rolling-over-laughing-fits

that tickle the sides of the throat;

I like birthday parties,

singing to a girl who has not yet

handed over her naivety to society;

I like knowing where I’m at,

but not what stop I’ll be taking

in the future;

I like butterflies and fairy dust–

as long as they’re meant

to provide a long-lost “answer”

to life’s riddles, its rhymes,

its warn-out-masterpieces


I like when I look at boys

I like and they look at me back

and like it


I like being updated

on the trails of those important to me,

I like being heard

and not ignored

I like knowing that I’ll wake up in the morning

and put on a yellow jacket,

see skin color not as a target

but as a human,


armed with a pencil, a pen,

to take me back again,

to a place where time was slow,

“now” stayed “now,”

and we all strived to make a difference

in the lives of others.


May 8, 2015


A summary of “likes” in a City Year life … check out more about the fantastic organization I have served with now for 9 months @ ….   HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY