A Thought

The biggest lesson I have stumbled upon: one cannot assume anything in

this life. One must listen to the world, to one’s body, to other’s on every level before

creating any kind of belief system. This applies to legitimately any situation you will

ever be in, when considering anything from the universe, the world, a country, a state, a

neighborhood, a family, a person, yourself.


When we think, we often come to conclusions based on information we think we already

know. But the truth is, the world is vast and systematic yet mysterious. I have written it

before, for it is true: the world turns us; we do not turn the Earth.

Patience and listening. They are the most important virtues to have in life if you want to

find real truth and peace.


For peace is here– one must not “find it,” for it is everywhere. It is just learning to listen

to it, and thus believe it. At the core of every group said above is this eternal peace and

balance. It allows us all to exist. When your mind tells you otherwise, all you must do

is settle down and listen to your inner self, your outer self– anything that will help you

understand the question or feeling at hand.


Listening and patience are the qualities that allow for “letting go,” for “living in the

moment,” for living in the truth of the moment.

So be still. Be at ease. And when you’re not, sit down, lay down and listen. At some

level, even under vast levels of uncertainty, conflict, strife, and doubt, there is a truth– a

peace– ready to be heard.


Everything that we will experience in this life is based on perception. To listen, to be

patient, is to open your perception up as fully as it can be opened. To listen is to be.


January 2, 2015