does death

always have to come

with vain


if the proper steps aren’t taken,

if you decide

to sit with it for a while,


why the loss of something,


can’t just stand still, be what it is,

a truth that lays down

beneath the dirt besides its owner,

doesn’t trickle into the water

asking you to take a drink,

to take it as your own.


it’s hard work, making sense of it;

but maybe we are responsible, in part.


maybe we can choose, if we are willing,

if we are able, to hold onto the love

that you have lost and rekindle it,

make it something valuable, something important–

something that, in it’s own way,

allows us to say,

“At least he didn’t die in vain.”


July 30, 2017



Today I ran my first half marathon.  Six months ago, I would never have believed I could achieve this feat.  

It goes to show: each day we are born anew.  Each day, each moment, is the only real truth of our lives.  We begin again every moment.  Believe in this, for “now” is truly forever.  

April 19, 2015