Once You’re Gone

for someone I love


Life is a wonderful

trap you fail to acknowledge

until you break it off.


Never again will you see

such troubled waves,

days haunted by midnight’s

killer stare.


You will not dare to question

why the world extends

its wings, like a naive eagle

circling America

while the universe laughs,

chokes, laughs again.


Imagine the painstaking,

worth-its-while peace

that would shoot up,

out of the sky

if we simply loved–

if you just kept on walking.

March 17, 2014



Fear resides in temptation.

In repeated feelings dug into veins

That you did not recognize

At the first wide turn,

So you turned your head sideways

To the life you thought you knew:


Families tip-toeing around houses

In respect for the other, for the cold-

Stricken child, for the father

At dawn, eyes departed,

Legs at rest until routine kicks

Him in once more.


We know nothing as it used to be

Until it returns. Yet all is now—

Like feathers in my down pillow

Weaning me in, slowly.