Watching the Clock


is a drug

that just keeps on giving

despite its worth,


side effects

how to handle

a man

one on one

a manual

I was never given–

where is it?


The time I found

the nail

and all I wanted

was a hammar

to put me back in my place

I found you,


eyes glazed over

from the fact

that I was a well enabled


to kick your ass

back to second base


Just tell me a story,

dear Love,

of how you existed

among priests

and kings

and witches

and me,

stories of younger days

past narratives

water drowning

my teacup

and all I want is an answer,

or at least the right question,

’cause I know I’m responsible

for making something–

more than this house

all alone,

wondering what time

to expect Love

to come

knocking on my door.


November 24, 2015


Let it go,

let it be,

this voice that is bothering me,

your name reminding me

to slow it down.

The spaces in your head–

those crevices ain’t dead,

just waiting for a whisper

and you’re gone.

October 13, 2015




until we meet again,

and when we find

some time

to spend so well;

so long,

my lady,

sixth street

still sunny

while singing,

“I’m the one,”

until next time,

my friend,

and I’ll see you

back again,

spreading those wings

like a bird that dares to fly,

no bat of the eye

could keep you down,

so goodnight,

my sweet angel,


July 23, 2014