It’s been a busy weekend…

Happy Labor Day!


In honor of someone I love, I shared this story on Instagram today.  I wanted to share it here, too.


Last night someone asked me why we, humans, exist. I responded with what I believe: to observe without judgement, and to love. And yet, just moments before, I spent time explaining that there are always limits to what we can know for sure, that there are no “absolute truths.” I now realize that this is still true; therefore, instead of knowing our purpose, or even simply believing in it, we must create it. Chanel your Being, your connection to others, into a life of meaning and peace. Even if I don’t “know” that this is a truth, I can know that I – that we together- created it. We can all put our love into practice.


September 6, 2015

Without A Self

Where would we be

if we were one

without a self?

Perhaps our kitchens

would be less dated;

our calendars would be

slashed with checks

and thorough lines.

The women in line

at the deli counter

would struggle for some cash

and reverence,

pay up on gas and tobacco.

The little boy on 6th street

would not waver

from the line he drew

in the sand at his waterfront

beach house, asking why it is

the water must turn over

and over–

and, like a switch,

we turn to the next page.