Just Wondering

Do men wonder

what they look like

in a mirror, on camera,

opposed to the eyes of a loved one,

or their own soft pupils?


Do men question

their lack of hips and say,

“Hey, I should be plumper there

but still maintain my thigh gap.”

I stare at my own and wonder


What men do that I cannot,

if it is real or a facade,

if feminism is something

I can joke at– or if I am

less of a woman by doing so.*


I wonder what men would wonder

if they could see a woman wondering…


May 10, 2014


*I wanted to note that I am not against feminism in any way– I am all for equal rights for both men and women in every form.  These lines allude to some joking a friend (another young woman) and I would do at the start of the feminist movement, when it was still unclear to us that just because it is called feminism, does not mean we are only looking at women’s rights– it’s about equality for all.